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Layla Manoochehri — Persian Princess

Layla Manoochehri
""I feel free with no clothes on.""
Full name: Layla Manoochehri
DOB: March 1, 1986
Place of birth: Birmingham, England
Occupation: Singer

Layla Manoochehri facts

  • Layla thinks a beer belly is easily as sexy as a six-pack.

  • She made up a quarter of X Factor's girl band hopefuls: Girlband.

  • She is totally confident in her body and would do a naked shoot in a good movie if the money was right.

  • If she could be a sports person she says she would be Rafael Nadal. But would hopefully pull her shorts out of her crack less often.

Why we love Layla Manoochehri

Writing songs since the age of 15, she was destined to be an X Factor star. The Birmingham-born babe always dreamed of doing an FHM shoot despite her Persian parents not being big fans of the idea. The 24-year-old, ex-girlfriend of Blue singer Simon Webbe, aims on making a solo career but has also been dabbling in acting since her X Factor failures. She wrote Lisa Stansfield's Treat Me Like A Woman for the 2006 The Moment album.

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