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Leighton Meester — Sassy Texas Lassy

Leighton Meester
"I think guys who are rebels and make their own rules are appealing. I don’t want to tame anybody – I want them to be dark and bad."
Full name: Leighton Marissa Meester
DOB: April 9, 1986
Place of birth: Fort Worth, Texas, USA
Occupation: Actress and singer

Leighton Meester facts

  • Leighton plays Blair Waldorf in controversial US show Gossip Girl.

  • She’s appeared in ads for Nikon cameras, Herbal Essences shampoo and Reebok trainers.

  • Her aunt was the first woman in US history to be placed on the FBI’s 15 Most Wanted list. Blimey.

Why we love Leighton Meester

If you somehow managed to completely avoid the globe-conquering televisual phenomenon that was , you won’t have ever seen Miss Meester in the role that took her from C-list to A-list: that of fit-but-fiendish rich-girl Blair Waldorf. You may, however, have caught sight of the leggy Texan in more man-friendly fare such as Entourage, House MD, 24, CSI: Miami, 8 Simple Rules, Law & Order... Basically, name a major US telly show from the last decade or so, and Leighton has probably spent time looking drop-dead hot in it.

With Gossip Girl now kaput, Meester is now free to concentrate on her fledgling movie career. Here’s hoping she’s asked to play characters as deliciously devious as Blair Waldorf was, because – and don’t you judge us for this – we like her best when she’s being evil...

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