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Lena — Uber Alles

"I never thought that I could be someone that children or teenagers... look up to."
Full name: Lena Meyer-Landrut
DOB:23 May 1991
Place of birth: Hanover, Germany
Occupation: Singer

Lena facts

  • Lena performed a version of her winning Eurovision song with Ernie on the German version of Sesame Street, but changed the words so it was about looking for Bert. Everything about German Ernie is unsettling.

  • One German interview with her said that she "possessed adequate youthful megalomania." Maybe something's lost in the translation.

  • She refuses to talk about her personal life or family in interviews, often calling such questions "stupid" or asking a question herself instead of answering. Maybe we'll just chat about the weather, then.

Why we love Lena

In 2010, Lena lead Germany to victory in the Eurovision Song Contest. They haven't won since 1982, but Lena managed to convince everyone in Europe that they deserved it with her chirpy vocal stylings in the song Satellite.

If you haven't heard Satellite, you should give it a listen. For a Eurovision song, it's pretty good - that's not much of a recommendation actually, but it is pretty good - it's fun, it's snappy, and something about Lena's voice makes us want to buy her all the flowers and take her out to dinner as many times as she wants.

Lena had no musical training prior to entering Unser Star Fur Oslo (Our Star for Oslo, a German TV show to decide the entrants to the 2010 contest), but she did well enough to finish first. Satellite was downloaded 100,000 times in the first week of release, making it the fastest-selling download in German history. All told, she's doing pretty well for herself.

Despite placing tenth in Eurovision 2011 when she represented Germany again with Taken By A Stranger, she's won a ridiculous number of awards ranging from ones we've never heard of (The Goldene Henne Ambassador of Charm Award, anyone?) to proper ones like EMAs for Best German Act, Best European Act, and Best Worldwide Act. Wouldn't the Worldwide one have covered the first two? Anyway.

As we've said, Lena has a fantastic voice. Plus we reckon the only way she could get any cuter would be to start juggling kittens.

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