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Lily Collins — In The Air Tonight

Lily Collins
"My dad says, 'As long as you're happy and do what you're passionate about and for the right reasons, then you've succeeded.'"
Full name: Lily Jane Collins
DOB: 18 March, 1989
Place of birth: Guildford, Surrey, England
Occupation: Actress, model, journalist and TV presenter

Lily Collins facts

  • Lily Collins is an actress, writer and presenter. She's also the daughter of some guy called Phil who used to play the drums a bit.

  • Growing up, Lily wrote a column called NY Confidential for UK teen magazine Elle Girl.

  • She’s appeared in such films as weepy Sandra Bullock drama The Blind Side and Snow White ‘reboot’ Mirror Mirror, opposite Julia Roberts.

Why we love Lily Collins

Lily Collins has a famous dad. Truth be told, she’s probably a bit tired of hearing that by now. But when your dad is slap-headed pop superstar Phil Collins, it's hard to break free of the gravitational pull that surrounds his enormo-success.

Still, lithe’n’lovely Lily is making a very decent fist of becoming a star in her own right – and without any help from Daddy. She became a professional journalist while still a teenager, writing for the likes of Elle Girl, Seventeen, Teen Vogue and the Los Angeles Times. She’s also done a spot of TV presenting and high-fashion modelling, but it seems like movie-making is where her future lies, having already co-starred with the likes of Julia Roberts, Jennifer Connolly and Sandra Bullock. Big, big things are in store.

She’s been waiting for this moment, all her life. Oh lord.

(Sorry, Lily.)

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