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Liv Tyler — Daddy cool

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Liv Tyler
"I don't think I'm particularly beautiful at all."
Full name: Liv Rundgren Tyler
DOB: July 1, 1977
Place of birth: New York City, New York, USA
Occupation: Actress

Her History in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women

2005 #72 | 2004 #65 | 2003 #75 | 2002 #49 | 2001 #76 | 2000 #76 | 1999 #58 | 1998 #68 | 1997 #37 | 1996 #71

Liv Tyler facts

  • Liv’s mum didn’t tell her that Steve was her dad till she was seven. Hence her middle name ‘Rundgren’ – her stepdad’s surname.

  • Her big break, Michael Bay’s Armageddon, was released on her 21st birthday.

  • The Lemonhead’s song C’mon Daddy was written about Liv’s relationship with No, wait, her dad.

  • She was named after Liv Ullmann, because she was on the front of a TV guide the day Tyler was born.

Why we love Liv Tyler

Kelly Osbourne, Jade Jagger, Peaches Geldolf… of all the elderly rock star’s daughters out there, Liv Tyler is definitely the finest. What’s more, her mere existence makes genetics a sham – Darwin be damned, there’s no way Liv can be Steve Tyler’s daughter. She’s ludicrously hot… and he looks like he’s had his face pulled back by a bull clip. It’s not even worth thinking about.

Liv, however… well Liv’s definitely worth thinking about. She’s been an immortal elf, for starters. You can’t beat that. Ok, ok, she isn’t really but she can speak Elvish (honestly) and she’s also a pretty decent swordfighter to boot. In fact, several scenes cut from the final release of The Two Towers have Steve’s precious one thrusting and stabbing with the best of them. Yes, there is a point to that extra DVD in the case – namely, one Liv Tyler.

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