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Lorenza Izzo — Izzo Iz Zo Fitto

Lorenza Izzo
Full name: Lorenza Izzo Parsons
DOB: Janaury 13, 1992
Place of birth: Santiago de Chile, Chile
Occupation: Model and actress

Lorenza Izzo facts

  • Good looks run in the family with Lorenza inheriting her amazing looks from her Mum, a former model.

  • Burst onto the silver screen with worryingly dramatic roles in (real life boyfriend) Eli Roth's horror flicks Aftershock and The Green Inferno.

Why we love Lorenza Izzo

With a model for a mum, Miss Izzo is clearly bathing in a pretty hot gene pool made up of a micture of molten lava, raw sunlight and and a giant lightbulb normally used in lighthouses to stop boats from crashing into rocks.

And she's also properly bad to the bone, as demonstrated by her 'couldn't give a monkeys' attitude in Eli Roth movies like Aftershock and The Green Inferno. Films, without Lorenzo would have, let's face it, been distinctly average.

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