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Louisa Lytton — Gizza job

Louisa Lytton
""[My cosutmes are] getting skimpier by the week, aren't they? This week I'm wearing these tiny hot pants. Sometimes it scares me that I'm half naked in front of 10 million viewers.""
Full name: Louisa Claire Lytton
DOB: February 7, 1989
Place of birth: Camden, London, England
Occupation: Actress

Her History in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women

2009 #30

Louisa Lytton facts

  • At 17 she was the youngest contestant to take part in Strictly Come Dancing, some may say the hottest.

  • At the British Soap Awards 2006 she won "Sexiest Female".

  • She is of sexy Italian descent on her mother's side.

  • Is apparently close friends with Lacey Turner and keeps in touch with Kara Tointon. That's a night out we want access to.

Why we love Louisa Lytton

Born in London's indie-deathpit Camden, the 20-year-old actress achieved fame as the daughter of gangster Johnny Allen in Eastenders. Unfortunately the gorgeous brunette was written out of the programme, so did what every ex-'Ender has to do at some point: joined The Bill. She had actually appeared on the show before at the age of eight, but returned as PC Beth Green. Unfortunately her time there came to an end, too - someone give this girl a break - so the cutie pie was left to move on to another graveyard of soap actors. We said at the time that it wouldn't be long till she knocked on the door of Casualty. So praise us, because in 2010 Louise Lytton did appear in Casualty for an episode. How good are we?

We've no idea why she has to keep show-hopping though, because Louise Lytton can dance. And dance good. At 17 she made the quarter-finals of Strictly Come Dancing and in 2008 she also performed as part of Britain's entry in the Eurovision Dance Contest. She came 9th. *Applause*.

On the big screen she's played Emma Watson's double in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets as well as a role in the DVD American Pie Presents: The Book of Love. TV moguls, please give her more roles.

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