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Louise Redknapp — Likeable WAG

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Louise Redknapp
"It shouldn’t be the guy doing everything in bed, it should be 50–50. It shouldn’t all be down to you boys."
Full name: Louise Elizabeth Redknapp
DOB: November 4, 1974
Place of birth: Lewisham, London, England
Occupation: Singer, Television presenter

Her History in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women

2005 #21 | 2004 #17 | 2003 #40 | 2001 #14 | 2000 #9 | 1999 #2 | 1998 #3 | 1997 #4 | 1996 #2

Louise Redknapp facts

  • Louise married ex-Liverpool midfielder Jamie Redknapp in 1998, and they became the anti-Posh and Becks.

  • She's had two sons, but still manages to look ridiculously hot in a bikini in a Thompsons Holidays ad. Jamie just looks ridiculous.

  • She was part of the winning team on Sport Relief Does The Apprentice in 2008.

  • She was voted as the 'Sexiest Woman of the Decade' by FHM readers in 2004.

Why we love Louise Redknapp

So, who remembers Eternal? Can you name one of their tracks? You can? Get out. Still, you’re allowed to remember them – turns out they only split up properly in 1999. But we all know that the hottest cog in the machine had left when Louise Redknapp ditched the other three to go solo in 1995.

After learning her trade at a posh and important-sounding academy in London, Louise was out clubbing when she was 16 when she met a music producer who was putting together an all-girl group. “I can make you huge” he said. Probably. Anyway, she introduced him to one of her classmates, and they formed half of the band until Louise went for it herself, having five UK top tens before she went and became a WAG. Except, she’s far from your typical WAG.

After marrying Jamie “my suit trousers are too tight” Redknapp in 1998, she had another three top ten singles, before winding down her music career to be a mum. Normally that would be where our interest in Louise ends, but she then came back just as hot on to our telly screens. She presented on SMTV Live, CD:UK and This Morning, before becoming the face and body of Triumph lingerie. Then she nabbed a permanent position as presenter of Something for the Weekend, and we got the opportunity to watch her laugh at Tim Lovejoy burning his mouth as we contemplate finishing off the questionable kebab that is the only remnant of our Saturday night.

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