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Luci Victoria — Victoria sponge

Luci Victoria
"Guys who take more time in the mirror than me are a definite no-no!!"
Full name: Luci Victoria
DOB: February 2, 1982
Place of birth: Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
Occupation: Glamour model

Luci Victoria facts

  • Luci was the ‘face’ of Ann Summers in 2004.

  • Her MySpace page states that she has an average IQ of 121.

  • She has her own modelling school, where she can teach other hot women how to look as hot as her.

  • She was only the second ever British woman to be a playmate in a US edition of Playboy. We acknowledge hot regardless of nationality.

Why we love Luci Victoria

Besides appearing in the hallowed pages of FHM, Luci's also popped up as a Playmate in her time, such is the demand for the Sheffield-born beauty to take her clothes off on camera.

A couple of things to know about Miss Victoria: 1. She doesn't like men with hairy chests (so now you know) 2. She prefers sex to chocolate (likewise) and 3. She was once asked to leave a Kilmarnock football match after her appearance "damaged the family atmosphere". It's true. Seriously.

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