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Lucy Becker — Airbags

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Lucy Becker
"I love them ... two front air bags. They're fantastic."
Full name: Lucille Becker
DOB: January 12, 1978
Place of birth: London, England
Occupation: Glamour model

Lucy Becker facts

  • She had a boob job to get herself from a 30D, to a 30F. That’s two letters. Which is… good? Probably good.

  • She is often photographed with models Malene Espensen and Leilani Dowding, her best friends in the modelling industry.

  • She’s been in Hollyoaks twice. Which if you ask us, means she’s made it.

  • She gave birth to twins in 2007. The boob job probably came in handy then.

Why we love Lucy Becker

It's on everyone's mind, so we'll tell you now. 30F. That's right, 30 F. You might want to take a few minutes, steady yourself, grab a hold of the table, rub your eyes – 30F.

Lucy's also a bit of an actress, appearing in Hollyoaks a few times and even has a number of celebrity chums, including the similarly blessed Abi Titmuss. And, just so you know, she calls her ample chest her "front air bags", so she's safety conscious as well as fantastically attractive then. Great news.

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