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Lucy James — Cowgirl

Lucy James
"If you feel turned on then you're gonna look turned on in your picture."
Full name: Lucy James
DOB: 1986
Place of birth: Birmingham, England
Occupation: Model, Actress

Lucy James facts

  • Lucy's favourite female celebrity is Scarlett Johannson.

  • She’s passionately pro men trimming “the big forest down there”.

  • Would star in a porn film for £1 million – but “only if it was with someone I really loved.”

  • She's had a few small acting roles too, appearing in the likes of Hotel Babylon and The IT Crowd.

Why we love Lucy James

If Lucy James was to dress up for a man, she'd dress up as a cowgirl. She's done it before and she liked it. FHM liked it too. A lot. When Lucy's not posing in front of the camera, she generally likes walking down the street looking hot, reading magazines (whilst looking hot) and looking hot generally. She's been compared to Jessica Simpson, but that was probably the cowgirl thing. No, it was definitely the cowgirl thing.

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