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Lucy Pinder — Pert sexpert

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Lucy Pinder
"I prefer little hotpant-like shorts, but I wear thongs too."
Full name: Lucy Katherine Pinder
DOB: December 20, 1983
Place of birth: Winchester, Hampshire, England
Occupation: Glamour model

Her History in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women

2007 #92 | 2006 #35 | 2005 #16

Lucy Pinder facts

  • She was the first housemate voted off Celebrity Big Brother in 2009.

  • She once appeared in a special 'Wags and Glamour Girls' Weakest Link episode, but didn't win. Ah well, she has huge tits.

  • Lucy was on the cover of FHM Turkey's December 2008 issue.

  • She has a chronic fear of clowns, known as coulrophobia.

Why we love Lucy Pinder

It’s a little known fact that Lucy Pinder has large, natural boobs, measuring up at a floor-punchingly massive 32G. When she’s not making bras cower in fear, she makes a habit of leaving men jibbering and slobbering in pure, abject lust, which we’re sure you’ll agree, is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

She only got into the glamour ‘game’ by chance after being spotted by a particularly observant photographer sunbathing on Brighton beach. If by any chance any ladies are reading this, take note: wearing next to nothing on the beach pays dividends.

And guys, you’re in luck as Lucy can be spotted in a number of shoots nearly totally naked (she never used to show her nipples) so please, continue slobbering. At one point it was feared, by almost everyman, that Pinder was in fact dating American football quarterback Tim Tebow. Thankfully, these rumours were nothing but Internet folly.

The Winchester-born beauty, who has been snapped in the middle of many a kiss with pal and fellow model Michelle Marsh, also appeared in the sixth series of Celebrity Big Brother but was unfortunately voted out at the first time of asking. What were they thinking?

On a random note, she’s a big fan of Southampton FC. So she’s not just a pretty face: she also likes football, which makes her extra, extra hot. On balance though, it’s mainly the boobs, but still – she likes football.

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