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Ludivine — Fondant fancy

"I would like to go on modelling, or even maybe acting in video clips."
Full name: Ludivine Something-French-sounding
Featured in: FHM France
Crowned as: Miss French FHM 2007
Occupation: Singer (apparently)

Ludivine facts

  • Ludivine is a former Miss French FHM.

  • She’s a singer. But like you, we have no idea what she sings.

  • She once said she was worried that she might swallow an ex-boyfriend's tongue when kissing.

  • She isn’t Ludivine Sagnier. We know that much.

Why we love Ludivine

Former French Miss FHM winner was thrust into the limelight after sending pictures that her boyfriend had taken of her to an FHM casting. She won, and look at her now. That’s right. She’s fit.

Like a lot of French models, she’s well educated, and did English Literature and Law at university. And like a lot of French models, she’s decided not to waste her pert years on a boring office job. Wise move. We know who’s winning.

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