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Lusy Rahmawati — Sexy present

Lusy Rahmawati
"There are three things that are important in a marriage: communications, financial conditions and sex."
Full name: Lusy Rahmawati
DOB: January 4, 1977
Place of birth: Jakarta, Indonesia
Occupation: Singer

Lusy Rahmawati facts

  • Lusy loves a man with a fragrant body odour. It’s the Lynx effect, you know.

  • You haven’t heard of her.

  • She was also in a soap called Girl Conqueror. You haven't heard of that either.

  • She’s divorced, after her husband claimed she had appeared in pornographic magazines.

Why we love Lusy Rahmawati


Your new album title is Sexy. What are you trying to tell us?
I don’t want to bore you with my definition of sexy blah blah blah. I just believe that every woman is sexy and they should show it.

You said that this album has a pop disco flare. We heard Madonna and Kylie Minogue influence somewhere in there. Is that right?
Exactly. They inspired me a lot. I liked them already from way back. And lately, Pussycat Dolls is beautiful to watch and listen.

But those women had operations done to their bodies to achieve sexiness. What about you?
I agree with women who went under the knife as long as they felt comfortable doing it and it was their own decision and not for other people.

Breast enhancement?
Yes, like I said, everything can happen. But for now, I don’t need it yet. Maybe down the road in my older days. I just can’t tell you when.

When do women become sexy?
Depends on other people point of view, isn’t it? Specifically, when women have grown up in their thinking and can share their self confidence.

Is it just right about your age?
Maybe. What do you think?

We like what we see. What do you do to stay sexy like that?
Exercise. My family is an exercise freak. My dad is a water ski coach and my other siblings are water ski junkies or in some other water sports. And also, I have a lovely nutritionist at my disposal. Ha ha.

So, how do you see sexiness in a guy?
He has to look good in all aspects of his ‘guyness.’

So, what’s the difference between sexy and lust?
Very different. Sensuality and sexuality are two different things but they are good things. We as women should explore both our sensuality and sexuality and be confident. But don’t be cheap.

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