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Maarja Vahi — Sexually explicit

Maarja Vahi
"I take pictures of girls mostly"
Full name: Maarja Vahi
DOB: 1988
Featured in: FHM Estonia
Occupation: Photographer, High Street Honey

Maarja Vahi facts

  • Maarja likes to bowl. As in bowling. In lanes. Not the sex move.

  • She’s a photographer, and has her own website and everything.

  • The winner of FHM Estonia's 2008 Cover Girl competition used to provide sex advice for a men’s mag in Estonia.

  • She's cropped up in FHM Germany too. International stardom.

Why we love Maarja Vahi


Congratulations! What do you think were the reasons of you being the winner?
Well, i guess that one of the cards up my sleeve was surely the photograph itself. It was quite well-made and catched the eye. A quality picture, that is. Of course - the fact that i was quite naked on it was probably a big plus as men always like it, haha. But still, the victory was quite unexcpected for me. I just sent the picture and forgot about the whole competition until all of a sudden i got this phone call telling that i`m the winner!

Did you hope that all the other 99 competing girls will all get on the same bus, drive to a tunnel and get trapped in there because of an earthquake?
Yes, for sure! Thats excactly what i was hoping for all this time, ha-ha! No, actually im not that cruel. Well, sometimes only a bit, but generally not. But – it didn`t happen, did it? So i`m even more pleased, because i won the competition in an honest way.

Did you hope at least that they`ll get some sort of a skin disease? Collectively?
Yeah, on the very same bus stuck in the tunnel! ON of them has it and then they have to hang together so much that the`ll all get it finally.

Our first cover star Kersti got a deal with a model agency. The next one, Aveli, is featuring daily in celebrity media. What kind of benefits do yo hope to reap from the victory?
Lots of fame and money! No, actually i just loved to get the attention that came with winning. About the opportunities it can bring – well, who knows about them? True, once i had a dream of being famous, but in not so sure about in anymore. I dont think that i would be so cool if every move you make would be followed by the media. Well, i could be cool in a way but in a longer perspective, i think it would be quite tiring. And i think that it could even mess up your relationships with other people.

Have you ever went with a client who is a complete stanger to you?
No, come on! I have my boyfriend and a relationship becomes pointless if you bitch around with everybody else at the same time too! No, i`m a decent angel, i won`t go with other guys.

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