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Madeline Zima — Not Scully

Madeline Zima
"Once you're naked it doesn't feel that uncomfortable, it's just taking the clothes off that's embarrassing."
Full name: Madeline Rose Zima
DOB: September 16, 1985
Place of birth: New Haven, Connecticut, USA
Occupation: Actress

Her History in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women

2009 #64

Madeline Zima facts

  • Madeleine's been acting since the age of seven, but is most famous for being the 16-year-old girl who beds David Duchovny in Californication.

  • She is totally fine with on-screen nudity.

  • She and her sister, Vanessa, were discovered by Woody Allen for his movie Alice.

  • Her surname means 'winter' in Polish.

Why we love Madeline Zima

When a 16-year-old girl knows she’s attractive, she can use that power to devastating effect. Which is exactly what Madeline Zima’s character, Mia, does in Californication. Mia uses her feminine wiles to bed David Duchovny, who doesn’t realise she’s 16. “I knew a lot of girls like her when I was 16,” she recalls, “and I was wilder than I am now by a long shot. So if I can’t relate my own experiences to her, I use people that I knew at that time who were that wild.”

Luckily, Zima is actually 25 – a long time since her first gig in a nappy advert in 1987. Yes, in the same year that Lethal Weapon came out, she was two years old. “That was also the first time I ever did nudity on TV!” laughs Zima. “It was the baby’s bare ass running into the towel – and once upon a time, that was my young ass.”

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