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Malvina — Weather girl

"Sex is... fundamental in a relationship. It is a pleasure to offer pleasure. But it is really important to get back what you give."
Full name: Malvina Cervenschi
DOB: October 16, 1979
Place of birth: Hunedora, Romania
Occupation: Model, Weather girl

Malvina facts

  • She is considered a “Rare Girl Of FHM”, according to an advert we saw on eBay.

  • Malvina is a popular German name. But, if you can name one famous person with the name, we will give you money.

  • She’s a weather girl. So has more power than anyone else (apart from maybe God), to make you happy or sad.

  • She used to have a slot at 5pm. Primetime. You wanted to know this information

Why we love Malvina


In 1998 Malvina went to Bucharest to study and in 2002 graduated from University “Spiru Haret”, with a degree in foreign languages. Simultaneously, Malvina started her career as a model. In 2003 she began a collaboration with the national television TVR. Now she’s hosting the Weather Report in the main News Of The Day broadcast of the same television channel.

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