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Mandy Moore — Sweet sensation

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Mandy Moore
"I think it's a conscious choice to put yourself out there, to go out and be photographed, because there's a way to live your life in a quieter way."
Full name: Amanda Leigh Moore
DOB: April 10, 1984
Place of birth: Nashua, New Hampshire, USA
Occupation: Singer, Actress

Her History in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women

2008 #69

Mandy Moore facts

  • Bubblegum teen singing starlet turned actress turned folksy, hippy-chic crooner.

  • Former babe of both tennis ace Andy Roddick and goofy Scrubs star Zack Braff (not at the same time).

  • Played the lead in American Idol spoof American Dreamz, alongside professional Brit fop Hugh Grant – it flopped.

  • She's a big san of MMA, going to many UFC fights.

Why we love Mandy Moore

At just 16, Mandy Moore was hosting her own MTV show and was being touted as America's next big thing, a sort of Britney-in-waiting but without the propensity for getting drunk and shaving her hair off.

She says we have her parents and her brother to thank for keeping her grounded, which basically means we have those suckers to blame for the scarcity of saucy paparazzi shots/sex tapes/drunken video messages doing the rounds. "I just never felt the need to go out and go crazy" she shrugs.

To her credit, staying in meant that she wrote all of the songs on her 2007 album Wild Hope, which is a country mile from the mindless pop of her teen career and has been favourably compared to dowdy emo-chicks Fiona Apple and Sarah McLachlan.

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