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Marina Marossini — Model student

Marina Marossini
"I do not pick my men according to their titles."
Full name: Marina Cvetkovic Marossini
DOB: 1990
Place of birth: Zagreb, Croatia
Occupation: Model

Marina Marossini facts

  • She is not a sheltered harbour where boats and yachts are kept.

  • She is a semi-popular Croatian model, who found fame as a sexy person while she was a student.

  • She's also a trained hairdresser. Or untrained. But she is a hairdresser. We think. Our Croatian isn't so good.

  • The fourth picture in her gallery of five is definitely the strongest.

Why we love Marina Marossini

It took just twenty months for Marina to go from FHM Croatia’s Student of the Month to coming second in a Miss Croatia competition. She grew up quickly. According to Marina though, people “played around with the votes”. So as far as we’re concerned, she won. It wouldn’t happen in England.

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