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Marina Orlova — Hot Words

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Marina Orlova
""Hot for Words – since I’m hot, you know, I’m hot, and I’m obsessed with words, so Hot for Words.""
Full name: Marina Orlova
DOB: December 10, 1980
Place of birth: Arzamas, Russia
Occupation: Hot etymologist

Marina Orlova facts

  • At our last check Marina's Hot For Words YouTube channel had gathered 368,812,914 total upload views. Yeah, not bad.

  • Occasionally she goes on to explain monstrous tongue twisters such as “Antidisestablishmentarianism”.

  • Marina sometimes sits at the computer 12 to 14 hours at a time and has little time left for socializing. She is currently single...

  • She says her little motto is "Intelligence is sexy". Orlova is exhibit A.

Why we love Marina Orlova

Marina Orlova is the Russian bombshell behind the internet sensation Whilst the rest of the internet is littered with casualties such as Star Wars Kid and Keyboard Cat, Marina has the perfect combination of boobs and brains. Is it possible that she is the holy grail of intelligence and beauty?

Well we’ll let you be the judge of that as you mark her CV – two degrees in philosophy and Miss Orlova used to teach English and world literature back in Moscow. Turned out Russia was a bit too cold for bikini-clad beach photo shoots so she moved to Beverly Hills (as you do). Her skimpy outfits combined with her divine cleavage have earned Marina Orlova the titles of ‘Sexiest Geek Of The Year and ‘Worlds #1 Sexiest Geek’. Her website traces the origins of English from every day words such as ‘okay’ and ‘irony’ and idioms like ‘Dressed to the nines’ – which can be quite interesting. “The Curves get your attention but the words will hold your attention”, she says. We say the curves hold our attention just fine.

Despite the crash course in English, she knows we’re only really watching to see what sexy lingerie she is wearing. “There are plenty of people coming for just the eye-candy as well! My goal is to turn some of those “eye-candy" people into wanting to learn word origins as well” If you want to pretend to learn about some words, check out our word quiz/excuse to get her in a bikini shoot she did with us. Totally worth it.

Latest on Marina Orlova

  • Marina Orlova: Hot for teacher Marina Orlova: Hot for teacher

    29-year-old Russian beauty, Marina Orlova is something of a phenomenon. While the rest of the internet is littered...

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