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Marisa Miller — Bikini queenie

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Marisa Miller
"I've always had a thing for Mohawks, I don't know why, so when I saw my future husband on the plane I was drawn to his hair like it was a big red flag…"
Full name: Marisa Lee Miller
DOB: August 6, 1978
Place of birth: Santa Cruz, California, USA
Occupation: Model, World's Sexiest Woman

Her History in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women

2011 #7 | 2010 #3 | 2009 #42 | 2008 #58

Marisa Miller facts

  • The reigning queen of Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit issue with back-to-back appearances since 2002.

  • She was named as the Sexiest Woman in the World by FHM readers worldwide in 2010, and was on our cover in August 2010.

  • Other cameo appearances include the U.S hit show Entourage.

  • Starred in campaigns for Tommy Hilfiger, Victoria's Secret and more.

Why we love Marisa Miller

Slightly pervily, perhaps, Marisa Miller was first snapped from afar by top Peruvian fashion photographer Mario Testino while she was surfing in California in 2001. The blonde clearly made an impression, and she was soon modelling tiny undies for Victoria's Secret and then signing up with Sports Illustrated, where she has become as firm a fixture in their annual Swimsuit issue as the glue that binds it together.

As much as modelling was doing for her, Marisa Miller has been working on developing Marisa Miller the brand. So she launched a shoe line with Vans and became a spokesperson for Harley Davidson. She's a big fan of American Football, and has been in NFL adverts as well as hosting the NFL International Series held over here in London in 2010. She even made a television appearance in How I Met Your Mother as she helped the other Victoria’s Secret Angels work on their brands too. But perhaps the part of her brand that interests us the most is her Guitar Hero: World Tour ad that was too hot to air...

A huge fan of surfing, Marisa Miller also plays volleyball and is into NASCAR and boxing, Welshman Joe Calzhage especially. She’s probably gutted now he’s retired. Perhaps unsurprisingly, then, she likes her music loud and screeching: one of her favourite bands is Californian growlers The Deftones and the first album she bought was by Nirvana, while she was even in a Puddle of Mud video. So basically you’ve got a gorgeous lingerie model who likes surfing, sports and loud music. It’s what you’ve been searching for your whole life.

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