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Mary Elizabeth Winstead — Scream Queen

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Mary Elizabeth Winstead
"What do I look for in a man? Someone who doesn't take themselves seriously. That's my biggest thing."
Full name: Mary Elizabeth Winstead
DOB: November 28, 1984
Place of birth: Rocky Mount, North Carolina, USA
Occupation: Actress

Her History in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women

2013 #84 | 2009 #88 | 2008 #79

Mary Elizabeth Winstead facts

  • Mary beat Jessica Simpson and Britney Spears to land the role of John McClane's daughter in Live Free Or Die Hard.

  • She’s America top ‘scream queen’ thanks to roles in the likes of Death Proof, The Ring 2, The Thing and Final Destination 3.

  • She’s a big fan of horror, counting Alien, The Shining and Rosemary’s Baby as three of her all-time favourite movies.

Why we love Mary Elizabeth Winstead

When it comes to breathlessly scampering through empty, isolated houses, pursued by an unholy and apparently unstoppable creature, nobody does it better (or looks hotter whilst doing so) than Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Having fled various forms of evil in The Ring 2, The Thing and, er, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, the self-confessed horror nerd knows a thing or two or about not only acting spooked, but also acting spooky: “You can't really act eerie,” she says, “but in a strange way, it comes natural to me.” Brrr.

Having also popped up in the two most recent Die Hard movies - Live Free Or... and A Good Day To... - as John McClane’s mardy daughter, Winstead is now ready to show us a whole new side to her talents, away from exploding skyscrapers and ancient monsters. She’s been recording an album with Gorillaz producer Dan The Automator, which she describes as being like “French ’60s pop—Jane Birkin, stuff like that.” Expect breathy sexiness, then, rather than terror-filled screams. (Hopefully.)

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