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Melanie Iglesias — YouTube-Melting Superstar

Melanie Iglesias
Full name: Melanie Iglesias
DOB: June 18, 1987
Place of birth: Brooklyn, New York
Occupation: Model and actress

Melanie Iglesias facts

  • Her favourite food is cheeseburgers and she can "eat any man under that table."

  • She’s an incredible poker player and was once one of the World Poker Tour's Royal Flush Girls.

  • Has over one million Instagram followers.

Why we love Melanie Iglesias

She's gone from Instagram-famous to YouTube megastar, to TV presenting hottie with MTV's Guy Code; she loves gaming, poker and cheeseburgers; and she's ridiculously hot.

She's probably the most perfect woman on the entire bloody planet and, if we could, we'd marry her in a heartbeat.

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