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Melanie Slade — Striking WAG

Melanie Slade
"I know WAGs have been criticised but I'm not a typical WAG. I will do what I want to do. I am my own person."
Full name: Melanie Slade
DOB: 1989
Place of birth: Southampton, Hampshire, England
Occupation: Theo Walcott's other half

Melanie Slade facts

  • Walcott met Melanie at a Southampton shopping centre, where she worked in a girl’s accessories shop. It’s anyone’s guess what Theo was doing in there.

  • She rose to fame during World Cup 2006, where she helped Posh Spice and Cheryl Cole distract the national team.

  • Melanie’s dad used to be mayor of Southampton, but now works in PR.

  • Walcott bought her a £20k VW Beetle for passing her driving test, with the numberplate T4M. Man up Theo.

Why we love Melanie Slade

For helping England’s national football team achieve sod all, WAGs have received a bad rap in certain circles, yet south coast beauty Melanie Slade insists she will not exploit her role as Mrs Theo Walcott by going “shopping all the time, wearing designer clothes and having expensive haircuts.” In fact, the blonde who counts Victoria Beckham among her friends is studying at one of London’s most prestigious medical schools to become a physiotherapist (something that will be very useful for her notoriously weak-shouldered partner). There’ll be no reality TV shows, perfume lines and shoddily-produced fitness DVDs from Miss Slade, who keeps a low profile when she’s not buried in a medical textbook. Fortunately, however, she’s more than partial to an FHM photoshoot.

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