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Melissa Debling — Double D

Melissa Debling
"What happens at a sleepover is every guy's fantasy."
Full name: Melissa Debling
DOB: February, 1989
Place of birth: Kent
Occupation: Glamour model

Melissa Debling facts

  • Melissa's constituency is Ramsgate, in Kent

  • Unfortunately, it doesn't look very fun

  • Melissa D says fans often assume she's a D cup because of her name - she is actually an F

  • She likes playing spin the bottle

Why we love Melissa Debling

As she is often known as Melissa D, don’t get her confused with a potential heir to Brit-pop following in the footsteps of Mel’s B and C. This is an entirely different kettle of fish right here.

Melissa Debling was voted in as a new cover girl for Zoo around about the time the Coalition formed and (excuse us for being dramatic) the whole country went wrong. Thankfully, in an age where we don’t like the government that much, we still love Melissa D.

She’s appeared in Zoo tossing the odd pancake (meaning the occasional, not a particularly un-aesthetic or strange pancake), she’s had a sexy sleepover with Sam Bowden and celebrated Christmas in style by jumping around in the snow wearing next to nothing.

As well as her work in Zoo, Melissa D has also appeared in Nuts and The Daily Star, which we know you read, even though you pretend you indulge in a copy of the Financial Times over your work-related brunch.

Melissa is also a big fan of animals, and thinks David Attenborough is amazing. That’s funny, cos we do, too. Well, we do now.

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