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Mena Suvari — Tasty American Pie

Mena Suvari
""Yeah, but I'm allergic to shellfish""
Full name: Mena Alexandra Suvari
DOB: February 13, 1979
Place of birth: Newport, Rhode Island

Mena Suvari facts

  • She has a tattoo of a lion on the back of her neck with the words 'word, sound, power' written underneath

  • As her exotic name suggests Mena is of Greek and Estonian American descent

  • She shot to fame starring opposite Chris Klein and Jason Biggs in American Pie

  • She describes herself as a "loser" at her own American high school

Why we love Mena Suvari

She's 5 ft 3 of tiny blonde hotness and the kind of impish little face that will melt your self-respect.

She was the cookie cutter choir girl that made us want to emigrate to America, join the ‘football’ team and drink absolutely everything out of red soda cups.

It also made us rather depressed about the general calibre of female fair at our own high school. The attractiveness of the only half decent girl in our school choir was rather obscured by the head brace.

Once Mena got that cardigan off and loosened up a bit, she was bang up for sex on the porch. Obviously there is no way in hell we were ever going to have sex for as long as that with a crazyhot girl from school on a porch. We never even had a porch.

Since her simply adorable cheerleading days in American Pie Mena has moved onto sexier pastures. She’s played a woman with corn rows called Brandi Bon(k)ski who has some very naughty sex scenes in a film called Stuck and a flowery teenage temptress in American Beauty.

We love a woman that doesn’t fear the sex scene. But luckily for us, in between being very sexy our Mena is an excellent actress.

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