Throughout the year there come several events that take our boring lives and, for a short while, make everything rosy.

Take for instance that wonderful day in November when Marks and Spencers start selling their Turkey Feast Christmas sandwiches (flargalargyle). Or that much-needed September day when schools start again and the streets are once again mercilessly free of miniature-sized terrorists.

However, of these monumental events that break up our otherwise boring year like rays of sunshine breaking though a cloudy day, our favourite has to be Miami’s Mercedes Benz Fashion week.

Again, 'flargalargyle', but for entirely different reasons

Held but once a year at Miami’s Raleigh Hotel, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is a time for all the tip-topped, hip and happening swimsuit designers to get together and show off their superb work to us, the humble public. 

Fashion people like it because it’s a chance to view all the latest work from the artistes of the industry. We like it because, well, take a look at the accompanying pictures. Nice huh?

Exquisite craftmanship  

It must be quite a task for the poor swimsuit designers creating art out of such limited material. Try painting a portrait with only one colour, or sketching an object with half a pencil. Hard, right? 

Spare a thought, then, for the designers you see exhibited here. Using just teeny tiny scraps of lycra, they’ve selflessly toiled away over endless nights, sewing by candlelight (maybe), in order to come up with the glorious creations you see before you today. 

We salute you, selfless swimsuit designers, the uncelebrated artists of this world. You bring us untold joy in our humdrum lives, and for this, we thank you. 

Except for this, you can have this monstrosity back. Poor girl