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Micaela Reis — Out of Africa

Micaela Reis
"My interests are fashion, music and trying to help my country"
Full name: Micaela Patricia Reis
DOB: 1988
Place of birth: Lisbon, Portugal
Occupation: Model

Micaela Reis facts

  • Born to a Portuguese/English father and a black Angolan mother.

  • Won Miss Angola 2007, came seventh in the 2007 Miss Universe, was runner up in Miss World 2007 and was Miss World Continental Queen Of Africa.

  • She was FHM-ed in the Portuguese edition.

  • Her little motto is "Enjoy life, life is fast!" Profound.

Why we love Micaela Reis

A sure-fire contender for one of FHM Portugal's most exotic cover stars, Micaela Reis has a mixed Portuguese and Angolan heritage. It hasn't all been fun and games for her though, and she's admitted openly in interviews to have suffered racial abuse from both Africans and Caucasians in the past. FHM can only hope that worldwide admiration for her good looks will go some way to healing wounds cause by people best described as 'twats'.

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