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Michelle Baker — Model Pilot

Michelle Baker
"I love to bake cookies...I've baked in next to nothing but stilettos before! And a little apron, but that didn't stay on long..."
Full name: Michelle Baker
DOB: March 17, 1981
Place of birth: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Occupation: Model

Michelle Baker facts

  • Michelle is a model who has appeared on Bikini Destinations, basically lying on a beach in a bikini. Tough work.

  • She's also been on the cover of American Curves and their beach babes issue.

  • She has her morning coffee in bed naked, so get the kettle on.

  • She measures up at 34-24-34.

Why we love Michelle Baker

As pioneers of the world of women, we like to bring you new models from around the globe on, usually ones that love FHM just as much as you do. We’re picky like that you see. And Michelle Baker is just one of those models, who thought “they already know me in America, I want to be loved by the men of Britain”. Probably.

Michelle was a relative latecomer to the modelling game, having previously been a hair stylist at a salon on the beach in Florida. Doesn’t sound like a bad gig. But she was doing a bit of modelling and agreed to help a photographer test out his new equipment in the back seat of a Mercedes (his camera equipment, obviously). The shots ended up in the internet, were snapped up by a magazine she says she wishes was FHM and people started taking notice.

She stopped styling hair and after a few swim catalogues she landed a job on a television show called Bikini Destinations, and started travelling the world to sit on beaches in bikinis. She did it so well that she landed the cover of the American Curves Beach Babes issue. And then she did that so well that she ended up on the Playboy website. She’s also a trained pilot, and likes her planes so much she decided to get naked in one to combine two of her passions. She says her next goal is to move in to more television and present shows like Bikini Destinations. Sounds like she’ll probably fly everyone there too…

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