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Michelle Goh — Go getter

Michelle Goh
"Gisele Bundchen has perfect tits, perfect ass, perfect face, perfect everything."
Full name: Michelle Goh
DOB: September 9, 1973
Place of birth: Singapore
Occupation: Actress

Michelle Goh facts

  • Appeared in Mee Pok Man and My Grandson The Doctor on TV in Singapore.

  • She also had roles in TV series such as Smallville, and films Alien Lockdown and Out for a Kill.

  • She left the film industry to be the marketing and PR manager for beauty and wellness centre, Clinique Suisse.

  • She's recently been credited as working on visual effects on films such as Scott Pilgrim vs the World.

Why we love Michelle Goh


Was it difficult to leave everything behind in Canada?
It was difficult to leave my lifestyle and comfort back there, but not the industry that I was in.

What was it about the industry that turned you off?
I’d say that was one of the biggest reasons why I left ‘cos I realised I wasn’t cut out for it. To survive in this business, you really have to want it and be able to compromise. It’s hard if you have a certain set of principles that doesn’t work in that business. What I found most difficult was working with men. You know, especially in North America where it’s dominated by men.

What did they do to make you feel that way?
Well, you have the usual propositions and it was very tiring to have to be on guard all the time and play the game. I can’t play games and I cannot lie to save my life. I once told this director to beat off ’cos of his constant hassling.

Was he a sleazebag?
I took on a role in his movie as it didn’t require me to take off my clothes or make out with anyone, and there was a “no nudity” clause. It was fun and it was my first so-called Hollywood movie. But his proposition, and that of the actor, were enough to drive me nuts. That was my breaking point.

What movie was that?
I shouldn’t say it ’cos then everyone would know which actor I’m talking about!

Let us guess... Is he Master Take Shigemichi himself, Steven Segal?
Where was I? (Laughs) That was a tough time for me.

Is it difficult for an Asian to break through in a Caucasian-dominated industry?
It’s actually not too bad. Being Asian has got its perks, thanks to amazing people like Lucy Liu, Gong Li, Zhang Ziyi and Michelle Yeoh. They’ve opened up doors for many Asian actors. And Vancouver is great; it’s not sleazy and Asians have an equal playing field.

Are Asians still typecast in certain roles?
I won’t deny that a lot of times we are still typecast but the industry is opening up. Filmmakers would change the role to suit you if they really like you. In fact, since my first role in Canada as a sexy acupuncturist, I’ve been offered more serious and dramatic parts.

You played a covert military leader in the sci-fi flick Alien Lockdown. What was the experience like?
I loved it. I was given the script a week after I returned to Vancouver from a shoot in Bulgaria (Out for a Kill with Steven Segal). Trust me, when I read it, I didn’t know if I could do it. This timid little Asian girl playing a Sigourney Weaver-type role in Aliens... But if they thought I could do it and offered the role to me without an audition, hell sure, I’ll give it a try. It was my most fun experience... Ever. It was very different from anything I’ve ever done, and all the boys are super-tall. They made me run around with a real AK 47 and I got to fire it! But after numerous takes, it became so tiring that by the second day I requested a dummy.

Would you strip down for the camera?
Years ago, I’d say no, but now if the script is right — not just stripping for the sake of stripping — I’d say maybe. In life, never say never. If Woody Allen told me to, I would. It’s Woody, for crying out loud. Gee, if Woody told you to give a blowjob onscreen, you’d do it. (Laughs) I’m sorry. Beep!

How about reality TV?
People like to get a glimpse of someone else’s life. I can understand that. But I wouldn’t do it personally ’cos I value my privacy too much. I don’t want a camera to follow me around when I’m, like, doing stupid things.

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