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Monica Noguera — Telefit

Monica Noguera
"I try to be well informed about what happens in my country. But I don’t want to be involved in any way."
Full name: Monica Noguera Flores
DOB: February 27, 1971
Place of birth: Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico
Occupation: Television presenter, Model

Monica Noguera facts

  • Monica found fame on Mexican TV channel Telehit, presenting Top 25, a programme that showcased any good videos from around the world.

  • She was married to the producer of Telehit, Memo del Bosque. That’s the way to do it.

  • She's currently married to a German businessman.

  • She moved to Miami because of Will Smith's depiction of it. That may be a lie.

Why we love Monica Noguera

Monica Noguera is well known on Mexican TV. She's their version of Cat Deeley, or Tess Daley, before Deeley sodded of to America and Daley became Bruce Forsyth's adopted grand-daughter. Whatever, she's big news, she's hot, she's here. and and if she was President, she'd resolve all the crimes against women in Ciudad Juarez. Groovy.

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