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Naomi Young — Watch This Face

Naomi Young
""Me and my mate Jasmine run around my house naked – it’s a naked house!”"
Full name: Naomi Young
DOB: 1991
Place of birth: London, England
Occupation: Actress

Naomi Young facts

  • Naomi is an up’n’coming British actress who’s appeared in telly-show programmes, cinematic movie films and popular-melody videograms.

  • She can make her left lower eyelid twitch on command. Not much use, but you can’t do it, so STFU.

  • She graced the pages of FHM’s November 2012 issue, looking so pretty that it gave us a bellyache.

Why we love Naomi Young

“I’ve had Cheryl Cole, I’ve had Kim Kardashian, and I’ve had Nicole Scherzinger!” No, Kent-based hottie Naomi Young isn’t reeling off the greatest sexual-conquest list of all time (although can you imagine?) – she’s running through some of the world-famous faces she’s been compared to. If you ask us, she looks like a young Phoebe Cates. Y’know, Phoebe Cates? Fast Times At Ridgemont High? Drop Dead Fred? Gremlins? Yeah, her.

Naomi’s an up-and-coming actress with natural talent and screen-friendly looks to spare – plus, she does all her own stunts: when she starred in the video for N-Dubz Girls, for example, she had to kiss Dappy on the cheek. Oof. Do you think Jason Statham would kiss Dappy on the cheek? Nope, he’d get a stunt-double in. The massive pussy.

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