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Naomie Harris — Voodoo Lady

Naomie Harris
"I scratched his cornea, and he was being really polite, saying, "Oh, no, it's fine. I've got two.""
Full name: Naomie Melanie Harris
DOB: 6 September, 1976
Place of birth: London, England
Occupation: Actress

Naomie Harris facts

  • Naomie was in Fable III, believe it or not.

  • Her mum used to write episodes of Eastenders and Grange Hill.

  • She credits director Danny Boyle as the reason for her success. Of course, being really good at acting didn't hurt either.

Why we love Naomie Harris

Naomie Harris is smart. Hella smart. Where most of us spent our youth scrubbing about a local polytechnic or working some dead-end job in HMV, Naomie Harris went to actual bloody Cambridge University and got an actual bloody degree in Social and Political Sciences, and everything.

We don't even know what Social and Political Sciences are. That's how smart Naomie Harris is - compared to us, anyway. But we're probably not the best benchmark when it comes to intelligence, if you know what we mean. We're still on the fence as to whether dogs can look up.

You probably won't have recognised her, but Naomie Harris plays grubby-toothed voodoo Witchdoctoress Tia Dalma in the Pirates of the Carribean films. We reckon they grimed her up so Johnny Depp could remain the best-looking person in any scene he's in - same reason they made Orlando Bloom wear that ridiculous moustache.

Naomie Harris has run from zombies alongside Cillian Murphy in 28 Days Later, the UK's finest zombie film that doesn't have proper zombies in to date, fought crime as a Europol agent in Ninja Assassin, been kidnapped by the Aryan Brotherhood in that abortive 2006 remake of Miami Vice, dodged dinosaurs in Dinotopia and even pretended to go out with Steve Coogan in A Cock and Bull Story. What hasn't she done, eh? You'll be telling us she's a Bond girl, next.

Oh. Oh, she is. Righty ho. Naomie Harris will play Field Agent Eve in 2012 Bond flick Skyfall. That's that, then.

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