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Nathalie Kelley — Scorching Latino

Nathalie Kelley
""I used to be a Latin Dancer and sometimes I still like to dress up and practise in front of the mirror""
Full name: Nathalie Kelley
DOB: March 3, 1985
Place of birth: Lima, Peru
Occupation: Model/Actress

Nathalie Kelley facts

Australian born starlet Nathalie (with a th) was born in Lima, Peru and moved to Australia at the age of 13.

After winning Miss Latin America she hopped on a plane to tinsel town to make her fortune.

She played Neela in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift which we are sure you remember because it was such a fantastic film.

Why we love Nathalie Kelley

Bruno Mars, of ridiculously white teeth (and crap music) fame had her in his video and for very good reason. She does lots of coy smiling in it, but even better, lots of wearing of very small hotpants. She’s not talking in the video, but she should have been.

In fact, she probably should have talked instead of Bruno Mars singing. Her weird Aussie/Peruvian accent is cuter than kittens falling asleep and we’d just like to put her in our pockets and carry her everywhere. With her permission obviously.

She’s also a lovely person because she volunteered with Indigenous Australian youth in the inner-city suburb of Redfern before moving to Los Angeles and being super glitzy and famous and stuff. Bonza!

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