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Nicola McLean — Voluptuous WAG

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Nicola McLean
"I’m obsessed with big boobs. Mine are quite a big cup size but I don't think they look that big."
Full name: Nicola McLean
DOB: September 16, 1983
Place of birth: London, England
Occupation: Glamour model, WAG

Nicola McLean facts

  • Miss McLean is married to Bristol City defender Tommy Williams, and is proud that he has never seen her without makeup on - presumably she must wear a welder's mask to bed, or something. The ceremony was part of a grand celebrity finale for the first series of Living TV show Four Weddings.

  • Nicola has struggled with anorexia in the past, dropping down to 7 stone at one point and often going days without eating food. Luckily, Tommy's looking out for her, we're told.

  • Glamour model Nicola made I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here almost worth watching in 2008, thanks to her propensity to take multiple showers in her bikini.

Why we love Nicola McLean

If you want to know if footballer Tommy Williams is a breast or leg man, a cursory glance at his wife Nicola Mclean should provide you with all the information you need.

So committed was Nicola to displaying her 32G charms in the best possible light on a recent stay in the I’m A Celebrity jungle, that she left her frumpy sports bras at home, favouring smaller lacy models that persistently hurt her back. That's suffering for your art, eh?

Evidently, Miss McLean prides herself on looking her best, but the glamour model can be a bit high maintenance at times: she claims she’d rather sit in the dark than change a light bulb by herself, and has previously made her man leave a nightclub so he could order a takeaway for her while she sat at home. You must love her very much, Tommy.

She's a supporter of PETA, and popped out of a cake outside Selfridges in London in an attempt to stop them selling foie gras. It worked, surprisingly, and the department store have now dropped the controversial meat paste.

January 2012: Nicola entered the Celebrity Big Brother House in 2012 for Channel 5's reboot of the series.

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