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Nicole Dodd — Cheshire

Nicole Dodd
"I am good fun, extremely laid back and never take myself too seriously I think that is so important in life!"
Full name: Nicole Dodd
DOB: June, 1985
Place of birth: Chester, Cheshire, England
Occupation: High Street Honey

Nicole Dodd facts

  • Nicole was voted as a Top 10 Honey in the 2009 competition.

  • Her nickname in the competition was 'The Underdog'.

  • She works as a marketing executive doing... marketing stuff. You know, whatever it is they supposedly do. Graphs and things. Meetings.

  • She's a loyal Manchester United fan. Yes we did read her biography, isn't that the definition?

Why we love Nicole Dodd

What would it mean to you to win this competition?

It would make me so happy to win such a big competition - I have never won anything so this would be a great achievement for me. It would be great fun and I would love the opportunity to model more for FHM and to present for Kiss TV would be my dream job.

What football team do you support?

I am not a huge football fan but if I was going to choose a favorite football team it would have to be Manchester United as when I lived in Chester I went to see them play a few times and it was great.

Why should readers vote for you?

I am good fun, extremely laid back and never take myself too seriously, I think that is so important in life. But I want the readers to vote because they think I deserve to be High Street Honey 2009! I am so excited about the competition and don't want the FHM shoot to be my last. I would also love the opportunity to present on Kiss TV... but I have to thank everyone who has voted for me to get this far!

What's your typical weekend night-out?

I love cooking, so a nice meal and a few drinks with my flatmates then go out maybe to some chilled-out bars, depending on how I feel then go somewhere for a boogie. If I go back up north my sister and I love partying in Manchester or Liverpool as they are such great cities like my London home.

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