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Nikolina Pisek — Chicken Shpitzza

Nikolina Pisek
"Most of our viewers watch the show because of its content; I would never run a show which doesn’t have a certain quality."
Full name: Nikolina Pisek
DOB: April 8, 1976
Place of birth: Zagreb, Croatia
Occupation: Television presenter

Nikolina Pisek facts

  • Nicola doesn’t enjoy washing cars.

  • She has a man persistently sending her pictures of his torso. But she kindly doesn’t refer to him as ‘a stalker’.

  • She presented a programme called Shpitzza on Croatian TV, and another called Red Carpet Light.

  • She's a bit like the Croatian Cheryl Cole - going big time after becoming a host on what's basically the Balkan version of X Factor.

Why we love Nikolina Pisek


Have you ever washed a car all by yourself?
No, I’m too much of a lady. I believe that every normal woman would rather sit in a coffee bar and watch hot boys in overalls do that. But if it were some hot wheels like Nissan 350 Z roadster, then it wouldn't be so difficult. I would wash it every day if necessary. To sit in that car, so clean and shiny, to step on the gas and hear 280 horse power motor under the hood makes it all worth the trouble.

FHM readers consider you the hottest TV hostess, does that bother you or are you comfortable in that role?
I would be a hypocrite if I said that wasn’t flattering. We are all made of flesh and blood and vanity is not one of our strong points. And just when did you have this voting?

Do you thing that male viewers watch Shpitzza (a famous Croatian TV show) mainly because you are the hostess?
Most of our viewers watch the show because of its content; I would never run a show which doesn’t have a certain quality. We have a fantastic crew, and what’s more important we have sooo much fun while we’re shooting the show. Our audience sees that. And the ratings are great... Maybe someone is watching the show only because of me, and I’m happy about that but I’m also aware of the fact that some people watch it in order to criticize me. It’s all showbiz, team work, and as long as the ratings are good and everyone is doing their best, results are great. By the way, I believe that Daniel has his fan club as well; in fact I’m sure of it.

Do you get a lot of letters with immoral offers?
Thank God, no. There are freaks of course here and there. They are the worst and most persistent ones. A couple of times the police had to intervene. I believe most guys like to approach the girl in person and not send some slimy stupid letters which make our whole editorial staff laugh. I hope it stays that way.

Can you mention the most interesting ones?
There’s this freak that’s sending his pictures for about a year now saying “look at my beautiful torso”. We girls at the editorial find that very amusing and are very happy every time we get a new picture. There is even a wall dedicated to him and his acts. I bet that when he comes back from the seaside, all tanned, the letters will start coming in again and make us all laugh in those dull September days. But than again maybe he will recognize himself while reading this and come to his senses. Anyhow, it’s fun for us!

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