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Nina Dobrev — Bulgarian beaut

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Nina Dobrev
"People tell me that I look like her [Emmanuelle Chriqui] a few times a day. I think she's gorgeous."
Full name: Nina Konstantinova Dobreva
DOB: January 9, 1989
Place of birth: Sofia, Bulgaria
Occupation: Actress

Nina Dobrev facts

  • Nina's best known for her dual roles in American drama The Vampire Diaries.

  • She got arrested along with several of her castmates for allegedly flashing motorists on a bridge in Georgia.

  • She moved to Canada when she was just two, but can speak fluent Bulgarian as well as French and English.

  • She also appears in Chloe, The Roommate and The Killing Game.

Why we love Nina Dobrev

We can’t say we blame you if you don’t know all that much about Nina Dobrev. In fact, if you’ve never seen foxy little brunette in anything before and are only aware of her thanks to the pages of then that probably puts you in the majority. You see, it’s our job to trawl through American drama series that you really don’t want to watch in order to find these girls for you. No need to thanks us. Oh go on then. The applause is a bit much, mind.

Anyway, Nina has made her name over the water in the drama The Vampire Diaries. Want to know what her role is in it? No? Tough, we’re going to tell you. She plays a vampire called Katherine Pierce, who is wanted by two brother vampires, and she also plays a human called Elena Gilbert, who funnily enough looks exactly the same. And guess what? Yeah those ruddy vampires want her too. It’s like identical twins, you’re not going to want one and not the other now are you?

Kudos to the casting director by the way, who obviously thought “she’s hot, let’s give her two roles so that she’s on screen twice as much”. Clever. Prior to that Nina’s biggest role had been that of a single teenage mother on the Canadian teen drama Degrassi: The Next Generation. Something else she’s done? She does make a small appearance in Amanda Seyfried’s Chloe, which is billed as an erotic thriller but Nina gets no action. Just stopping you wasting your time, it’s another service we provide.

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