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Nina Nesbitt — Sexy Singy Scot

Nina Nesbitt
Full name: Nina Nesbitt
DOB: July 11, 1994
Place of birth: Edinburgh, Scotland
Occupation: Singer-songwriter

Nina Nesbitt facts

  • Nina was discovered by Ed Sheeran at the age of 16, who was so impressed that he promptly took her on is European tour as his support act.

  • Crowned as the Most Stylish Musician at the Scottish Style Awards<./p>

Why we love Nina Nesbitt

She’s young, she’s cool and she’s massively talented. Oh, and she’s ridiculously hot too. All right for some eh? Rising songstress Nina is on the ascendency, and being best buddies with Ed Sheeran can’t be hindering her chances too much. Plus, did we mention that she's so hot she could melt fire?

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