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Norelys Rodriguez — Sombrero

Norelys Rodriguez
"I try to give more than a beautiful smile, I try to transmit emotions, feelings, sensuality...make the picture talk."
Full name: Norelys Rodriguez
DOB: September 23, 1979
Place of birth: Caracas, Venezuela
Occupation: Model

Norelys Rodriguez facts

  • Bora Bora is her favourite country.

  • She is a presenter for the Wild On! TV show in Mexico.

  • She likes chilli on her food, because eating it brings out your wild side, apparently.

  • She says "Mexicans are very gentle and protective and take care of you." But we don't know what she thinks of Venezuelans...

Why we love Norelys Rodriguez


What do you think about Mexico?
I love it! It’s the 4th time i been here and i feel like home. It’s incredible the influence of Mexico worldwide, not only because of the food also the culture, the movies…. But the most amazing thing is the kindest of the Mexican people. This makes me feel good and I don’t miss my home too much.

And what about Mexicans?
They are amazing, I love them. They are very gentle, protective and take care of you. The other day I was saying that I love Pedro Infante – as a matter of fact I gat his movies - and when I see that the Mexicans keeps that life style and think that’s great. And I also like the way Mexican girls pretty open and cutes.

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