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Oana Nistor — Footballer's wife

Oana Nistor
"I’ve never bought anything from a sex-shop. But I've received gifts that I think that they bought from there"
Full name: Oana Nistor
DOB: June 29, 1983
Place of birth: Timisoara, Romania
Occupation: Singer, Model

Oana Nistor facts

  • Oana has never been in a sex shop. Though we bet her picture is in many a sex shop, across the land.

  • She’s in a relationship with one of the Steaua Bucharest football team. She claims to like football. Pfft.

  • She’s addicted to shopping. Which is way less cool than being a smackhead.

  • She's the lead singer of a Romanian pop band called Activ. She's the only girl in the band, unfortunately.

Why we love Oana Nistor


What have you been doing since we spoke last tine, in September 2004?
We released two albums since then. I didn’t appear in any other magazine. We had a lot of concerts. Too many. I don’t have time for anything else. And, beside that, I am glad with my beautiful relationship.

Do you think that a woman can have both a career and a family, being the best in both of them?
I truly think this is very difficult. I haven’t had this problem yet, but I saw it at my friends. It’s difficult to give enough time for you career, and I don’t mean here just working, I’m speaking about a career, and to have enough energy for your family. I am more a family person than an workaholic. My dream was to became a singer and here I am, but now I want a family. And I believe that there will come a lot of changes with it, too. I really want to do my best both in career and family, but when I’ll have children, I’ll stay clothier to them than the career. You can call me old fashioned, but this is who I am.

What you would do if you wouldn’t sing anymore?
It’s a difficult question that I asked myself many times. Until now I wasn’t interested in anything else, like movies or TV. I had some offers, but nothing important. I am a very active person and because of what I do, I travel a lot. So, if I wouldn’t stay in the showbiz, I would have my own business, something where I can put my energy into, with a lot of activity.

What would you do if there would appear dirty pictures or movies with you on the internet?
This is impossible. Only if those pictures would be fake. Or maybe, in the future... Anyway, it would be very painful for my and especially for my family. I think that’s foolish to do such things. Your private life, it’s private! It’s our right to do whatever we want in our privacy and the people who still you intimacy are pathetic.

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