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Oksana Semenisina — Donkey punch

Oksana Semenisina
"I ride horses, shoot rifles. I have an international rally pilot license. I drive jet skis."
Full name: Oksana Semenisina
DOB: May 15
Place of birth: Kaunas, Lithuania
Occupation: Model

Oksana Semenisina facts

  • Oksana is the former Miss Lithuania and the current Miss World Boxing Council.

  • She has a masters in economics. Smart.

  • She’s good at embroidery, and cooking. What a woman.

  • She's really interested in the energy segment. So you might have to work really hard at the smalltalk...

Why we love Oksana Semenisina


Oksana, what the hell you are doing in this boxing business? Miss WBC sounds quite menacing…
It was an accident. I studied then in Moscow, Institute of International Relations, and, since I’m fluent in many languages, sometimes earned extra buck interpreting. There was an international boxing congress taking place in Moscow, and they called me to interpret for the WBC President Jose Saleiman. We got together pretty well, he invited me to visit WBC HQ in Mexico, then other tasks appeared in front of me, then WBC marketing people started to think that their organization needs a female face, here you go.

How many competitors you had to kill before getting this title?
No one [laughs]. I guess, they created the title specifically for me?

So, what’s you day schedule in capacity of boxing beauty? Announcing boxing rounds in a bikini?
What? There are other girls to do that. During boxing matches I’m dressed in an evening gown. And my function is limited to giving the prize, congratulating the winner.

When do you kiss those guys, don’t you get… you know? Sweat, blood, lumps, broken teeth, beaten eyes, bitten off ears…
I find men most sexual when they drip with victory sweat.

Jesus, wouldn’t it suffice just to skip shower for a week? By the way, we had this problem with hot water supply recently… No? Are you sure? Ok. So, snogging champions is the main calling of Miss WBC?
Obviously, no. I represent the Council in various sports and charity events. For instance, during the last Asian Olympic games in Qatar I delivered the WBC greetings to them. In Arabic.

How many foreign lingos you do speak?
Sometimes I don’t know, which is foreign, which isn’t. Sadly, Lithuanian stopped being my main language, since I get fewer and fewer opportunities to speak it. You know, I live and study in Russia right now. Then Ukrainian is one of my three mother tongues. Others – English, Spanish, Polish. My French, Portuguese and Arabic are not on the same level. I can read, I can talk, but definitely not fluently.

Do you meet some funny types when working for the WBC?
Surely. For instance, Don King. I guess that his haircut is just a part of his image. Since the time he got mortally offended that some mugger didn’t realize he was mugging the King. Yeah, he told me, he felt depressed because of that aspect, not because he lost watch and valet. I met Mike Tyson as well.

And? Oh, yes. I wouldn’t care to go for champagne into his hotel room, if this is what you mean. Though, for the most times, boxers are really calm people. Their eyes are usually so serene. They have the ring to spill put their emotions.

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