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Olga Fonda — From Russia With Loveliness

Olga Fonda
Full name: Olga Tchakova
DOB: October 1, 1982
Place of birth: Siberia, Soviet Union
Occupation: Actress

Olga Fonda facts

  • Olga Fonda – real name Olga Tchakova – was born in Russia, and first arrived in the US as an exchange student at the age of 14.

  • She's appeared in Entourage, How I Met Your Mother and Little Fockers.

  • Before she was an actress, she worked as a model. Obviously. Because look at her.

Why we love Olga Fonda

As a kid, Olga Fonda desperately wanted to be a model – and if you look like she does and you walk the streets of any medium-to-large city for long enough, then eventually a model scout is going to stop you in your tracks and say, “Hey, you oughta be a model! No, I’m not some pervy weirdo – haha! - I’m totally a proper model scout. Here's my card. Gimme a call, yeah? Ciao!” And that's exactly - word for word - what somebody came up to Olga and said, while she was holidaying in California as a teenager.

Modelling led to TV ad appearances, which led to non-speaking roles on TV shows, which led to speaking roles on TV shows, which led to a starring role opposite Hugh Jackman in fighting-robot blockbuster Real Steel and now, Hollywood is Olga's for the taking. But diehard action-flick fans, don't get too excited: Fonda's obviously something of a rom-com fiend, having already accepted roles in no less than three movies with “love” in their titles: Crazy, Stupid, Love, Love Hurts, and plain old Love.

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