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Orlaith McAllister — Reality TV

Orlaith McAllister
"I am quite partial to orgasms."
Full name: Orlaith McAllister
DOB: April 28, 1979
Place of birth: Belfast, Northern Ireland
Occupation: Model, Television personality

Orlaith McAllister facts

  • Was once a business studies student at university.

  • Enjoys snowboarding and boxing. Though not at the same time.

  • Claims that she doesn’t put on weight ‘no matter how hard she tries’.

  • She's had two children since appearing on Big Brother. We bet she put on weight for that...

Why we love Orlaith McAllister

Irish-born Orlaith first appeared after being a housemate on Big Brother 6 back in 2005, and has carved herself a nice little modeling career since. Before reality TV changed her life, Orlaith was came second in 1999's Miss Northern Ireland beauty pageant. The questions to ask are: 1. How? and 2. Who beat her? Some mistake, surely. On the plus side, she's Miss Belfast, but still – who beat her? Who?

Well actually, we know who. It was none other than Zoe Salmon. Ohhhhhh.

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