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Parade — Kooky Popstrels

"Getting caught with my finger up my nose rearranging this stud into a place where it doesn't stick out of my nostril is becoming too much."
Full Names: Emily Biggs, Lauren Deegan, Bianca Claxton, Jessica Agombar, Sian Charlesworth
DOB: 2009
Occupation: Girlband

Parade facts

  • Band member Emily Biggs was once on X Factor and made it to the live shows whilst performing in girlband Hope.

  • They didn't win. Some bloke called Leon Jackson did.

  • Once, at a gig in Leeds, the girls had to milk a plastic cow.

Why we love Parade

We've had a lot of girlband loves in our time. Sometimes, when we're feeling wistful, we like to think fondly back to the girlbands of yesteryear. Although they've fallen in the line of duty along the way, their role in establishing our love for girlbands is undeniable. All Saints, Spice Girls; we thank you for the good times.

Then we like to look to our more recent loves, bands like Girl Aloud and the Saturdays. What a fine job they've done in keeping the flame of our passions alive.

Now, we've met Parade. Parade are our new loves. They like to wear quirky clothes like headscarves and turbans which probably means they're a bit too cool for us. We don't mind though, we'll love them from afar until they're ready for us. Girlbands, we love you.

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