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Pollyanna Woodward — Inspector Gadget

Pollyanna Woodward
"I have been told I should go longer not faster!"
Full Name: Pollyanna Woodward
DOB: 11 June 1982
Place Of Birth: Mansfield, Nottinghamshire
Occupation: TV Presenter

Pollyanna Woodward facts

  • Pollyanna got down to the last 13 in Pop Stars: The Rivals where she shared a room with Sarah Harding.

  • Pollyanna now presents Channel 5's The Gadget Show.

  • She has over 4,500 hours of television presenting experience. That's 187.5 days. Impressive much?

  • Why we love Pollyanna Woodward

    From iPads to smartphones to other devilishly complicated devices designed to make life easier by depleting our monetary funds and giving us CONSTANT ACCESS TO WORK EMAILS, the world of technology is a scary place. Luckily, the lovely Pollyanna is here to guide us through it. So whether you consider yourself a tech genius or someone that's only just got used to the fascinating concept World Wide Web, tune in to Pollyanna on The Gadget Show and ease the pain of modern life.

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