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Rachel Cordingley — boxing beauty

Rachel Cordingley
"Love handles are not a good look."
Full name: Rachael Cordingley
DOB: July 20, 1987
Place of birth: Liverpool
Occupation: Model

Rachel Cordingley facts

  • In boxing terms, she has a good left hook.

  • She is pals with Mark Wright, off The Only Way Is Essex

  • When she was crowned Miss Maxim Global, Rachael literally caused the internet to crash.

  • She has an A-level in Recreation and Leisure. Er, what?

Why we love Rachel Cordingley

Remember school? They say those days are the best, but we’re still not sure. Looking back, we had our lunch money stolen, and did anyone else find physics really hard? The thing about school was people were grouped. Fat, nerdy, chav and stuff.

But we can just imagine Rachael Cordingley at school – super-sporty, popular, one of the fittest in the school. “I was always a sporty person,” she admits, citing swimming, squash, athletics and even golf as sports she used to play in her youth.

In fact, she has represented her city of Liverpool in both running and swimming competitions. A glistening career could have awaited Rachael, but fate intervened…

After her dad and sister saw a modelling competition in the local paper, Rachel entered, and came second place. It was a good thing, though; she had been bitten by the modelling bug.

We’d like to point out at this point that while we have no proof that a modelling bug exists, nor that it bites, we are assuming so based on the number of people who get bitten by ‘acting bugs’ when they go to the theatre or whatever.

The rest is history. Rachel reached the finals of the Miss Great Britain competition before winning the Miss Maxim UK title, eventually earning the title of Miss Maxim Global winner.

As well as a 2-page column In Maxim, Rachel works a lot with the Daily Star and regularly attends the matches of her boyfriend, boxer Carl Froch. If you’ve seen the guy, you’ll know not to mess with him.

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