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Rachel McAdams — Mean girl

Rachel McAdams
"My natural hair colour is 'Venetian', which is a nice way of saying dirty blonde. I like to be able to roll out of bed and stay out of the salon."
Full name: Rachel Anne McAdams
DOB: November 17, 1978
Place of birth: London, Ontario, Canada
Occupation: Actress

Her History in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women

2011 #63 | 2010 #48 | 2008 #50 | 2006 #89

Rachel McAdams facts

  • Once touted as "the new Julia Roberts" thanks to her knockout-looks and pout.

  • Former girlfriend of Ryan Gosling, with whom she appeared in a film called The Notebook... nude.

  • Starred in The Wedding Crashers, Red Eye and opposite Lyndsay Lohan in Mean Girls.

  • She's now going out with Michael Sheen, yeah - Tony Blair/David Frost/Brian Clough, that Michael Sheen.

Why we love Rachel McAdams

A young Rachel McAdams was not so big on her acting at all. She actually started to compete at figure skating when she was just four years old, and it wasn’t until she was three times that age (12, geddit?) that she started acting having been to a summer theatre camp. Still not all that big on it, it was only once the camp she’d been to expanded to become a year-round business and conveniently relocated to her home town that she started taking it seriously. And by seriously, we mean really seriously, getting herself a degree in Theatre. Her big breakthrough came in the form of Mean Girls and she cemented her status with a role in Wedding Crashers.

You'll know Rachel McAdams' face, but you should know it better: gorgeous Canuck McAdams has reportedly missed out on roles in The Fantastic Four, The Dark Knight and Casino Royale. She also turned down the famous Vanity Fair 'nude' cover – the one with Keira Knightley and Scarlett Johansson – quite possibly because she took an inexplicable break around 2006 and went travelling/bought a house at the exact moment Hollywood thought she was about to go massive.

Rachel McAdams is devout eco-chick, who used to ride a bike everywhere until she was almost killed by a bus. She's not big on regrets and is as happy acting as she is working on her website,, where she describes herself as having developed an obsessive compulsive disorder for unplugging anything with a plug. Each to their own, eh?

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