When someone says the phrase 'sexy lady clothes', what's the first thing you think of? 

(A) Push-up bras
(B) Thongs
(C) Animal skin

 If you answered (C), then you're in luck, as girls across the world are taking their cues not from the catwalks but the Serengeti - covering their lady-parts with actual real-life skin (or very convincing replicas).

 First, Rihanna transformed herself into the sexiest swamp creature of all time, getting made up as a mega-hot crocodile for the video to her new single Where Have You Been.   


Then Lady Gaga - never one to be outshone - tweeted a picture of herself in a brand new meat dress. This, despite widespread outpourings of disgust from animal rights activists and people who don't like their women to smell like dead carcasses, when she last donned an offal dress in 2010.



Now that the world's two most famous ladies have done it, it's officially a trend. We've already heard whispers that Jordan is planning to get in a Big Mac bikini for an upcoming shoot, while Kim Kardashian has reportedly been spotted shopping for sliced meats, which we can only assume are to be made into a sexy salami-thong. Watch this space...