Rooney Mara has a weird name. You may well remember her from The Social Network where she plays Mark Zuckerberg's girlfriend. When she finally dumps him for being an anally pretentious headcase, he's inspired to start the multi-billion dollar company Facebook. We always found this a bit odd. The only thing we were inspired to do when our girlfriend dumped us was to cry softly into a sock that still smelled a bit like her for several months, and no one made a movie about that.

Anyway, Rooney Mara's new film is the American remake of the impossibly popular Girl With The Dragon Tattoo which sees her take the lead role of arse-kicking, computer-hacking private investigator Lisbeth Salander. If you're not familiar with the series then take a look at the book that everybody else on every train you ever get is reading, there's a good chance it's The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo or one of it's sequels. Don't worry, we haven't read it either. We're still on The Da Vinci Code trying to find the bit where Audrey Tatou shows up and showers a whole lot of sexy on the affair.

The film isn't out until December but the poster has certainly caused a stir. It features a rather grizzly looking Daniel Craig with his arm around a rather topless Rooney Mara. And, if we can just do that closed-eye squinty thing enough to block out her hipster haircut, we'd say it's probably one of the best works of art to be produced in modern times.

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The Daniel Craig bra was a bit on the heavy side, but a big seller nonetheless